Trump lashes out at FBI and DOJ in first public remarks since ...

It's been a few months since we publicly heard from Donald Trump and it's not like he hasn't got much to get off his chest.

Trump's cult of personality has taken a severe hit in recent months. From being on the verge of seemingly declaring that he was going to run for president again to having his Mar-A-Lago complex raided by the FBI, it has certainly been a reversal of fortunes for the ex-president.

So we, much like the rest of the world was eager to hear what Trump had to say about this matter. Was it going to be an in-depth and thoughtful take on diplomacy and transparency of the law or was it going to be one of his usual unhinged and completely deranged rambles that go on for hours?

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Let's be honest, you already know the answer but lets have a look what Trump said to his crowd of devoted followers in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania on Saturday.

Trump begins by concentrating on crime and looks set to make a point about gun violence before bizarrely pivoting to take a pop at the 'fake news' media.

Trump soon goes on to the FBI raid and laments the agents who searched his home for not putting it back in the condition that they found it, which isn't really part of their job.

Trump uses the FBI as an excuse to roll back the year and take a swipe at Hillary Clinton which prompts a rabid 'lock her up' chant from the crowd.

The real estate tycoon boldly claims that the MAGA movement is the "greatest in the history of the United States" and maybe "the greatest in the history of the world."

Trump shamelessly claims that "Putin was not going into Ukraine" while he was POTUS.

The 76-year-old appears to have some sort of existential crisis as he recounts what his campaign should or should not have been for the 2020 election.

The crowd shockingly boo the idea of the United States sending aid to Ukraine.

Trump briefly halts an explanation of his Russia policy to get the crowd to cheer for someone dressed as Uncle Sam.

The former president turns on his ex-colleague Bill Barr and accuses him of having no courage and being "afraid of bing impeached."

Trump mentions Covid but has a new name for it "Covid dust."

Trump seemingly has no idea where he is or what year it is as he claims Mark Zuckerberg came to the White House "last week" and "kissed his ass."

Still hurting over the 2020 election loss, Trump calls for Mitch McConnell to be "scorned."

Moving onto the cost of gas, Trump takes a swipe at electric cars with a really long story about his friend.

Outrageously, Trump is still using the 'Pocahontas' smear against Elizabeth Warren.

Breaking news: Trump still hates wind turbines.

Trump claims he could have stopped Russia from invading Ukraine by simply saying: "Vladimir, you can't do that."

Trump makes a hint that he is going to run for president again which whips the crowd up into a frenzy.

Trump is now talking about drug dealers, who he wants to be "executed."

While still talking about drugs, Trump accuses China of making the drugs and sending them to the US.

Trump, who is incidentally in Pennsylvania campaigning for Dr Oz, calls Oz's opponent, John Fetterman "a disaster" and makes unfounded claims that he takes drugs.

Trump moves on to spreading misinformation about abortions.

Oh and he also dished out some transphobia as well. Playing all the hits!

Trump wraps things up by listing a bunch of things that he thinks the Democrats are against but actually aren't.

And with that Trump's Pennsylvania rally was done and dusted. Not a vintage performance from the big fella but at least he got to stretch his legs and air some grievances which must have been nice for him.

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