Donald Trump has added some new dance moves to his repertoire

Donald Trump has added some new dance moves to his repertoire
Trump unable to say the name of his social media website Truth ...

Just when you had probably finished cleansing your eyes of his last attempt at busting some moves, we regret to inform you that former US President Donald Trump is back dancing again.

The Republican decided to boogie after addressing what he described as a “big crowd” – because of course – in Delaware, Ohio on Saturday, as part of a rally for Senate candidate JD Vance.

Mr Vance, by the way, once branded Mr Trump as “cultural heroin” and said The Apprentice star was leading “the white working class to a very dark place”.

Bit awkward.

In his latest opportunity to rip into current president Joe Biden, Mr Trump decided to rant about the unusual subject and “little problem” of dishwashers.

“What was the problem? They didn't give you any water. It was so little water that you couldn't wash the dishes.

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“So what did people do? They kept pressing it. Do it again. Do it again. Do it again.

“So by the time you do it 10 times it is finally there. You've wasted a lot of electricity, and you spend more water than if you did it right,” the businessman said.

He went on to claim he “had a regulation” whilst in office – purportedly since reversed by Mr Biden – which enabled Americans to “have all the damn water you want for your dishes”.

Mr Trump also appeared to get the name of his own social network wrong, opting instead for something which sounded more like “Troth sensual”.

We wouldn’t want to join that app, either.

But the cringe kept coming when he was off the stage, too, as defence attorney Ron Filipkowski also shared a clip of the ex-president dancing for the crowd:

Swapping “YMCA” by The Village People for “Heroes” by David Bowie, Mr Trump sported his usual forward air punches (if that’s what you can call them), but not before showing off something new entirely.

Moving his hands from left to right, he appeared to roll his hands in front of him, as if he was reeling in a fishing rod.

Makes sense, actually, when people are falling for his populism hook, line and sinker.

Twitter was just as repulsed as we are:

Fortunately, one user was on hand to cleanse our minds completely:

You’re welcome.

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