Trump unable to say the name of his own social media website

Former President Donald Trump appeared to struggle to say the name of his own social media platform, Truth Social.

The infamous politician and entrepreneur hosted a rally on Saturday in Delaware, Ohio where footage of the incident shows him butchering the pronunciation of his social media site.

In February, Trump launched Truth Social – a new platform that looks remarkably like Twitter, from which Trump is permanently banned.

The launch of his platform was absolutely ridiculed with memes and the concept was branded a “massive failure” as daily downloads dropped by 95% just weeks after it was unveiled.

Standing in front of a lectern with a sign that reads, “Save America”, Trump addressed the crowd and said: “I had to give the American people their voice back by building something.”

He then attempted to say the name of his social media platform, which after multiple attempts, sounded like “Truth Sensual” rather than Truth Social.

A Twitter user posted footage of Trump’s blunder, writing: “Trump doesn’t even know the name of his own social media platform ‘Truth Social’.”

In response, one person wrote: “TROTH! Truth SENSUAL!! He's lost it. Can't even pronounce his own social media platform!!”

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“Complete moron.....”, another replied.

It wasn’t the only time Trump struggled with his pronunciation during the same rally. At two different points during his speech he also called drop box, “drok bok”.

Someone commented: “Right. It's Biden's mental health you're worried about.”

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