Donald Trump could run for president in 2024 from prison, according to report

Donald Trump could run for president in 2024 from prison, according to report
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Just when you thought it was safe, turns out Donald Trump could in fact run for president again in 2024 - even if his upcoming legal troubles land him in prison.

According to interviews with several legal experts conducted by Insider, there’s nothing that prevents someone in the United States from running for president while incarcerated. In fact, it’s been done twice already before.

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But Harvard professor Laurence Tribe has even more big news concerning the twice-impeached former president, who now mostly sends out unread blogs from various spare homes. According to the constitutional scholar, it’s also possible for the leader of the free world to run the nation, even if they’re one of the 2.3 million Americans kept behind bars.

However, being president is one of the few rights the prison system affords incarcerated people. Trump’s upcoming trial will take place in New York, where anyone in prison for a felon or conviction loses their right to vote.

Like 17 other states in the country, federal inmates lose their right to vote after their sentence is completed. This means the loss of one crucial vote for Trump: his own.

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Frank Bowman, a law professor at the University of Missouri, told Insider it’s also possible in this imagined, incredibly dark scenario that the former president could set up his own prison that’s just for him and use that to do all his president work.

This, per his first go at running the country, mostly consists of sending outrageous tweets while he signs hugely harmful legislation written by the dark lords of the Republican Party into law. This would be another one of the prisons $80 billion of taxpayers’ money goes towards funding.

According to Insider, the biggest obstacle standing in the way of a Trump run from prison is Trump himself. Reached for comment for the story, a spokesperson told the website. "This is legitimately the stupidest press inquiry I’ve received in 2021.”

It’s nice that people are still reaching out to them, though.

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