Donald Trump just posted first message on his new social network - and it looks just like Twitter

Donald Trump just posted first message on his new social network - and it looks just like Twitter
Donald Trump admits defeat

Donald Trump is finally moving on from Twitter and onto a new platform—sort of.

The prodigal son of the former President, Don Jr. took to Instagram to share that his father has made his first post on the social media platform called "Truth Social."

As you might have already guessed, Truth social is owned and founded by Trump.

"Get ready for some Truth," Donald Jr. captioned his post, sharing an apparent image of the Truth Social post from his father, which reads: "Get ready! Your favorite president will see you soon."

Trump, who was permanently banned from Twitter after his part in inciting the violent riots that occurred on January 6, has repeatedly tried to construct a platform where he can connect with like-minded individuals and his supporters.

"TRUTH Social is America’s 'Big Tent' social media platform that encourages an open, free, and honest global conversation without discriminating against political ideology," reads the website's description of the platform.

Currently, the platform is unable to access but has a waiting list for those who wish to eventually join.

As of now, Truth Social has a striking similar aesthetic layout to Twitter.

According to a screenshot of Trump's account, the former president has 175 followers.

"TRUTH Social (beta) has dropped and President Trump is active on his own account! The world is healing," wrote Liz Willis on Twitter.

"Aww he misses Twitter so much he made a little Twitter of his own. It’s so sad. Lol," someone replied.

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"Good morning and Happy Hump Day to everyone who doesn't have to bother with Gettr, Parler, or Truth Social because they still have their own working Twitter accounts. Unlike SOME people," reads one tweet.

Another commented, "First people were leaving Twitter for Parler, then Parler for GETTR, now GETTR for Truth Social. When are they going to realize that the problem isn’t the platform, it’s their terrible ideas?"

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