News that the government hosted yet another alleged party while the rest of the country obeyed strict coronavirus restrictions has left people furious at Boris Johnson and his colleagues.

The Guardian published photos they said were taken on 15 May 2020 showing around 19 people including Johnson drinking wine and cheese in the garden at a time when people were only allowed to meet one on one outside with strict social distancing and were encouraged to work from home.

Downing Street insisted it was not a party it was in fact a work meeting and Johnson and deputy PM Dominic Raab similarly defended the photos to the press but a lot of people thought quaffing away while at work was rather odd.

But if there is one thing Brits know how to do in the face of chaos it is to laugh so when Downing St said they were working, the internet got to work to make a number of memes and jokes all suggesting that drinking wine and eating cheese in separate groups in a garden while a couple of people play with the PM’s dog isn’t exactly common in most work environments.

Here are some of the best work party memes responding to the government’s less than robust defence:

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