Watch live as Hillary Clinton speaks at New York Democratic Party convention

As Fox News continues to perpetuate its obsession for all things Hillary Clinton, it backfired tremendously after her speech at the New York Democratic Convention on Thursday.

On Thursday, Clinton delivered the speech heavily anticipated and hyped up by Fox News.

The speech, which was heavily anticipated and hyped up by Fox beforehand, had some anchors teasing that she would have some 2024 presidential bid (which she hasn't confirmed) or speak on the fake scandal the channel created about her "spying" on former President Donald Trump and his administration.

"A lot of people wondering if today's keynote address by Clinton could include a hint of any possible hopes of a presidential run in 2024," said one Fox reporter, according to writer Aaron Rupar.

Other anchors said they'd take part in the speech live - and they did showcase a small piece of her address.

"Republicans are defending coup plotters. They are curbing voting rights at precisely the moment when democracy needs champions when we should be standing together against autocracies like Russia and China. January 6 last year was a gift to them because they know something we need to remember: America is only as strong as our unity and our democracy allows us to be," Clinton said in the speech uploaded to Twitter by Rupar.

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The former first lady and secretary of state then turned her attention to Trump's fibs about the 2020 presidential election.

"We must reject the big lie about the 2020 election and the coverup of the insurrection—" said Clinton.

Before she could continue with the speech, Rupar noted that Fox ended up talking over the rest of the stream.

See it below:

If Fox stayed around long enough, they would know that Clinton addressed the fake spying scandal that Fox has made the main topic of discussion for the week.

Instead of taking the situation too seriously, she scoffed at it and even said she was considering legal action.

"We can't get distracted, whether it's by the latest culture war nonsense or some new right-wing lie on Fox or Facebook. By the way, they've been coming after me again lately, in case you might have noticed. It's funny; the more trouble Trump gets into, the wilder the charges and conspiracy theories about me seem to get."

And in due fashion, Fox proved Clinton's point the rest of the day instead of bringing up the former commander-in-chief's legal issues.

Her name was mentioned on Fox more than 100 times, as Rupar noted.

On the other hand, a judge is ordering Trump to sit for a deposition connected to the New York criminal investigation connection with New York's criminal investigation of his business, which Fox only mentioned twice.

Overall, it seems that Fox tries to minimise Republican corruption by making it seem like the Democrats are worse. But for Clinton, she won't be playing along - although the channel will most likely continue the exaggerated representations.

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