Gavin Williamson has landed a new £50,000 job as an education adviser – yes, really

Gavin Williamson has landed a new £50,000 job as an education adviser – yes, really

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MPs having second jobs is a controversial concept to many people – given how demanding public service is – but former education secretary Gavin Williamson getting a job as an education adviser is enough to irritate practically anyone.

Yes, the Conservative MP who can’t even remember his A-Level grades has still somehow managed to land the role of chairman for RTC Education Ltd.’s advisory board – according to The Guardian.

The company, which trades as Regent Group, describes itself as an organisation which “owns and manages independent schools, higher education colleges and an investment business” and provides “consulting services to both the private and public sectors”.

Mr Williamson’s role, which involves giving “general strategic advice on international business expansion and attending regular advisory board meetings”, was approved by the Advisory Committee on Business Appointments (Acoba) subject to four conditions.

The watchdog, which oversee new jobs for former ministers, said it was fine for Williamson to take up the job provided:

  • he doesn’t disclose any “privileged information” from when he was education secretary
  • lobby the government on behalf of the company for two years from the date he left ministerial office
  • or provide any advice on how to secure a government contract for two years from his last day as education secretary

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Hey, at least Eric Pickles, Acoba’s chair, hasn’t previously gone on the record to describe such an important investigative body as “toothless”, right?


And needless to say, Twitter users are unimpressed by the news:

Other blunders from Mr Williamson’s time as education secretary – or should we say, Sir Gavin Williamson, as he somehow got knighted six months after losing his cabinet job – include blaming parents for Covid spikes in schools and managing to confuse footballer Marcus Rashford and rugby union player Maro Itoje.

Then there was the time he expressed concerns about boosting A-Level grades for students affected by the Covid pandemic because it could lead to over-promotion, failing to recognise the irony given some saw him as an over-promoted MP.

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