GB News host mocked after admitting he doesn't understand what's happening in Ukraine

GB News host mocked after admitting he doesn't understand what's happening in Ukraine
Neil Oliver admits he doesn't understand Ukraine crisis
GB News

Twitter has rinsed a GB News host who admitted he didn't know what was happening in Ukraine - as he prepared to talk about Ukraine.

In a clip shared yesterday afternoon by GB News, presenter Neil Oliver starts with: “I’ll be honest. I don’t know what’s happening in Ukraine. I don’t understand it either.”

GB News

GB News

Alright. Off to a good start then…

He went on to say he ignores most of “the mainstream media” because he doesn’t trust it, and added that he feels there are “as many different assessments and explanations of the situation in Ukraine as there are people with keyboards and phones.”

Whatever Putin “is up to in Ukraine”, he said, “the West must accept responsibility for a share of the blame for what is now being suffered and endured by ordinary people there.”

He added: “Whatever Putin has done, whatever Nato and the governments of the EU have done - and I say again I don’t feel anywhere close to knowing what’s been going on, and what is going on - men, women and children are sheltering underground on European soil in 2022. Soldiers on both sides are dying.

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“I do know that I don’t trust Putin, or our government, or Europe’s governments, or the governments of North America either. I certainly don’t trust any of them to tell the truth.”

Since the clip was posted, it has amassed 500,000 views, 675 quote tweets, and 3,000 likes.

Columnist Mark Wallace responded: “Really, WTF is this relativist nonsense - if your starting position is ‘I don't know what's happening’, the next step is to find out, not use ignorance as the foundation for some rambling declaration of wibble.”

Art historian Dr. Bendor Grosvenor quipped: “Man who watches GB News says he doesn't know what's really going on in the world.”

Columnist Nick Timothy wrote: “There are some brilliant people at GB News who must be wondering how and why this s*** has been aired.”

Robert Shrimsley of the Financial Times joked: “Neil Oliver: I don't know what's happening in Ukraine. I don't understand it either. But here are my opinions anyway.”

Another posted the screengrab of Oliver saying he doesn’t know what’s happening along with the comment: “For some reason, the cameras continued to roll”.

The clip posted to Twitter is a snippet from a 10-minute monologue from Oliver. It was added to YouTube on Saturday.

This isn't the only questionable take we've seen on the Ukraine crisis.

Last week, a former Trump military advisor was accused of sounding like a "Putin apologist" after he said Russia should be allowed to take what they want from Ukraine. Nigel Farage has also been sticking his oar in.

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