WhatsApp rewrites its Europe privacy policy after a record €225 million GDPR …

Brexit has finally paid off. Leaving the EU was all worth it. We should all thank the architects of the policy and clap them on the back.

Why? Because the government has vowed to remove us from the constraints of the horrible European 'GDPR' (General Data Protection Regulation) and make a new British data protection act for British people.

Thank goodness.

Culture secretary Michelle Donelan (who must be struggling to adjust to her new brief after such a long time as education secretary) announced the exciting news yesterday at the Tory party conference in Birmingham and while the Tories didn't automatically soar in the polls we can only assume that will happen, because it is a clear way to win hearts and minds.

"We will be replacing GDPR with our own business- and consumer-friendly British data protection system," she said.

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"I can promise ... that it will be simpler, it will be clearer, for businesses to navigate. No longer will our businesses be shackled by lots of unnecessary red tape," she added.

The EU’s data law, which was introduced in 2018, "ties them [businesses] in knots with clunky bureaucracy", she also said. "It is time we seize this post-Brexit opportunity fully and unleash the full growth potential of British business."

The audience reportedly cheered but people on social media were less impressed with the policy offering and sniped away, showing no gratitude at all - how dare they?

Scrapping GDPR... the phrase 'tidying the deckchairs on the Titanic' springs to mind.

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