George Santos mocked for asking Elon Musk if he can be a part of SpaceX's first manned launch

Embattled congressman George Santos surrounded by crowds outside Trump arraignment

New York House representative George Santos has been mercilessly mocked for asking Elon Musk if he can be a part of SpaceX's first manned launch.

Musk’s space exploration company today launched its rocket Starship, the most powerful space rocket ever built.

The rocket blew up shortly after launching in Texas following several delayed starts as the booster tried to separate and the systems failed, causing a 'rapid unscheduled disassembly. Nevertheless, Musk congratulated his employees on an “exciting test launch”.

Despite the fiery failure, Santos seemed keen to be part of the first manned mission to Mars and tweeted Musk to show his interest in being a candidate.

Santos wrote: “ Hey @elonmusk when you work out all the kinks on the SpaceX Starship, sign me up for the first manned launch!

“Congratulations on this huge leap forward for space exploration.”

Rather unsurprisingly, the controversial Republican was mocked for finally listening to constituents by agreeing to be blasted far, far away.

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On Twitter, one person responded: “Thank you for finally representing the interests of your district by agreeing to be launched into space!”

Others referenced the fact Santos was found to have consistently lied about his background during his campaign to win a seat in Congress.

Someone wrote: “I’m just surprised he isn’t claiming that he was the astronaut piloting the SpaceX rocket that just exploded.”

Another joked: “Harvard valedictorian. Wall Street CEO. Olympic volleyball gold medalist. RuPaul’s Drag Race champion. And now Astronaut George Santos.”

“George would be a great candidate, he was on Apollo 11 after all,” another mocked.

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