GOP liar George Santos reveals exactly what it'll take for him to disappear

GOP liar George Santos reveals exactly what it'll take for him to disappear
N.Y. GOP leaders call on newly-elected Rep. George Santos to resign

George Santos may not have worked hard to get his position in the House of Representatives but he did lie hard - and he’s not leaving without a fight.

Santos, 34, was recently elected to represent New York’s third congressional district in the midterm elections.

But a string of investigations that accused Santos of lying about his former career as a “seasoned Wall Street financier and investor,” his alma mater, his volunteer work, and statements he made has besmirched his reputation.

Naturally, several congresspeople have called on Santos to resign, including four GOP congressmen.

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But Santos says it’s going to take more than that to get him out.

While leaving his office on Thursday, Santos told reporters “If 142 people ask for me to resign, I’ll resign.”

CNN reporter Kristin Wilson tweeted, “Five have so far. Also why 142?”


The 142 number doesn't seem to represent anything significant, at first glance.

Many were left scratching their heads wondering why the New York Representative chose that number of people to call for his resignation.

People mocked Santos by claiming the number was a reference to his past- joking that he was involved in the Invasion of Normandy, the Apollo moon landing, and won Golden Globe awards.





Two Fox News employees wondered if the number was a reference to the roughly 142,000 votes Santos won by in his congressional district.

One Twitter user hypothesized that the number was 2/3 of the House GOP, minus the four that have already called for Santos to resign, and himself.


It is unclear where Santos obtained the number from, but unless those 142 people call for his resignation he is going to remain New York's third congressional district's representative.

Even with harsh criticism from the press and public backlash.

Perhaps some "pants on fire" would get Santos to step aside.

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