Energy bills crisis: Boris Johnson vows 'more cash' is coming to help households

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It’s always reassuring to hear from a government minister about what help is available when, say, there’s a massive hike in the energy price cap which some households will struggle to afford – but this is the UK government we’re talking about.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, not a single cabinet minister from the outgoing Boris Johnson government was put forward to do the media rounds on Friday morning, right when the energy regulator Ofgem confirmed the price cap for dual fuel for an average household will surge to £3,549 per year.

Its CEO, Jonathan Brearley, said: “The Government support package is delivering help right now, but it’s clear the new Prime Minister will need to act further to tackle the impact of the price rises that are coming in October and next year.

“We are working with ministers, consumer groups and industry on a set of options for the incoming prime minister that will require urgent action.”

Ministers are working “set of options” for the next PM to address the upcoming price hike, you say? How interesting.

What a shame none of them could appear on TV to elaborate on what exactly those options look like – y’know, like what your typical, effective government might try to do.

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Politicians, journalists and celebrities alike have condemned the government no-show:

It was only later that Nadhim Zahawi, chancellor of the exchequer, gave a media interview in which he set out the government’s plans for tackling the energy price increase.

Acknowledging the “real anxiety” faced by households and businesses, Mr Zahawi said: “The help we’re putting in at the moment – the £37 billion - we are part of the way through. So the help coming in from October onwards, everyone’s bill will get £400 off. In terms of the additional increase now, it gives you back half of it.

“But we know that’s not enough, and we’ve got to do more.

“My message today is we’ll get this £37 billion to help them for now, and then more will be coming, because we know this will continue in January, and of course onto April and next year.”

Except the one thing Mr Zahawi didn’t mention was that the £400 energy bill discount for all households in Great Britain is spread out over six instalments, running from October to March 2023.

In that period, we’re due another announcement on the energy price cap – January, to be exact.

Meanwhile, prime minister Boris Johnson confirmed there would be "extra cash" coming to support households next month - probably before 5 September, when he'll be replaced by either Liz Truss or Rishi Sunak as the next PM.

At least we can take comfort in the fact that when that happens, we’ll have a brand new government capable of going on television to outline its policies in a time of crisis, right?

Never mind, that’s probably wishful thinking…

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