Right-winger launches 'nutless' chocolate bars for people who 'know what a woman is'

Right-winger launches 'nutless' chocolate bars for people who 'know what a woman is'
Hershey’s Women’s Day campaign featuring trans activist sparks backlash

Once again, conservatives are freaking out because a transgender person has been included in advertising.

This time, right-wingers are going after Hershey’s for launching a women’s rights campaign featuring a transgender woman in a commercial.

The campaign, called “Her She” ran in Canada ahead of International Women’s Day next week. It features five impressive women running organizations that give back to communities.

One of the featured women is Fae Johnstone an LGBTQ+ and women’s activist who happens to be a transgender woman.

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Some anti-transgender conservatives felt Hershey’s decision to include Johnstone and quickly attacked her as well as Hershey’s online with offensive remarks.

The hashtag “Boycott Hershey’s” began circulating around Twitter.

So in return, founder and co-CEO of The Daily Wire, Jeremy Boreing decided to launch his own line of “binary” chocolate.

“Introducing Jeremy’s Chocolate. Yes, it’s real,” Boreing, 44, tweeted on Friday. “We have two kinds: HeHim and SheHer. One of them has nuts. If you need me to tell you which one, keep buying Hershey’s.”

A box of four of Jeremy’s Chocolate Binary costs $24.99.

Ben Shapiro tweeted in support of Boreing’s chocolate saying, “If you'd rather buy chocolate from people who know what a woman is -- and that her/she chocolate shouldn't have nuts... It's time to make the switch to Jeremy's Chocolate.”

Other anti-transgender people celebrated Boreing's response to Hershey's.

Meanwhile, Johnstone and her supporters have doubled down on defending the activist against hatred.

On Twitter Johnstone released a statement saying, "Celebrating young women is an important way to show women and girls can change the world, that we are already creating change around the world."

We reached out to Hershey's for comment.

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