Hillary Clinton confronts conspiracy theorists featured in Borat movie who think she drinks children’s blood
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Hillary Clinton has confronted a pair of conspiracy theorists who were featured in the recent Borat movie and believed that she drank the blood of children.

In 2020’s Oscar-nominated mockumentary Borat Subsequent Moviefilm, Sacha Baron Cohen’s hapless Kazakhstani journalist meets Jim and Jerry and stays with the pair during lockdown.

During Borat’s stay with the duo, they tell him that they believe that both Hillary and Bill Clinton were “evil” adding: “Supposedly they torture these kids. Well, what it does, it gets their adrenaline flowing in their body, then they take that out of their adrenal glands and they drink their blood.”

A new series on Amazon Prime attempts to show Jim and Jerry that what they’ve been told are nothing more than lies.

In the seventh episode of the mini-series, Jim and Jerry finally come face to face with Clinton (via a computer screen).

Although Clinton doesn’t directly address the vile claims that have been aimed at her, she does explain how these accusations are hurtful for her.

“Hello, Jim and Jerry,” Clinton starts by saying before adding: “This is Hillary Rodham Clinton and I know you’ve heard a few things about me that you might believe. I know that you’re not alone. It’s hurtful, I’ll be really honest with you. It’s hurtful, not just to me and my family but to my friends and other people who know this is not just false but sometimes painfully false.

“So just as one American to another, I hope we can start trying to find common ground again and overcome all those forces that are trying to divide us and put us into little boxes apart from each other. Wouldn’t it be great to kind of come together instead of drift apart? I hope that’s possible. Thank you.”

Despite Clinton’s heartfelt plea, it appears that her words didn’t quite reach their goal as Jim simply turned to Jerry after the video had ended and said: “I just can’t stand her.”

Borat’s American Lockdown & Debunking Borat is now available to watch on Amazon Prime.

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