Tucker Carlson guest makes bizarre claim that Kamala Harris will 'racism Hillary to death'

Political commentator says Hillary Clinton will 'get beaten in the oppression Olympics ...

A Tucker Carlson guest made a bizarre claim that Kamala Harris would 'racism Hillary Clinton to death' if they faced-off in the 2024 Democratic primary - and pushed divisive rhetoric that it would turn into the "oppression Olympics".

Clay Travis, a political commentator and founder of OutKick spoke with Carlson to share his two cents on the next White House race.

And assuming that President Joe Biden won't run for a second consecutive term, Travis believes that Clinton could face Vice President Kamala Harris in a race that would be focused on identity politics.

"If Biden doesn't run, it is sexist and racist by the Democratic party's own standards if Kamala Harris isn't the nominee. So at least if they go with Hillary, they can cross off the sex is part. It'll still be racist, but she'll only be half wrong and half worthy of condemnation," Travis said.

And although Clinton has not confirmed whether or not she intends to make another bid for the White House, her name has been brought up all over Fox News.

If it's not about her emails scandal, they're talking about allegations that she spied on former President Donald Trump.

"She seems, obviously like this sinister, entitled, you know, rich lady who's had everything handed to her," Carlson said.

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"[She] got a senate seat because her husband was president, but when people learned that everyone is picking on her because she's a girl, don't you think that like Oprah, she will become very popular?" Carlson asked.

"That's her calling card, but she is going to get beaten in the oppression Olympics by Kamala Harris," Travis responded.

"If you have the pyramid of victimization lined up, which defines everything in the Democratic Party right now, Kamala Harris is at the apex. She is the 'ultimate victim' as a Black woman. And if she is not allowed to be the nominee after being vice president, then Hillary Clinton will be racist."

He added: "As much as I think Hillary would be the candidate, I think that Kamala Harris is going to racism her to death, and there's just no way for her to be the nominee."

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