12-year-old Jacob Rees-Mogg declares his love for money in ‘mind-blowing’ resurfaced footage

12-year-old Jacob Rees-Mogg declares his love for money in ‘mind-blowing’ resurfaced footage

Footage of a 12-year-old Jacob Rees-Mogg declaring his love for ‘money’ has resurfaced on Twitter, leaving many people gobsmacked by what they were seeing.

The interview which aired on French TV station INA in 1982, sees a very young Rees-Mogg confess his affection for money, Margaret Thatcher and his ambition to one day become prime minister.

The more than five-minute clip starts with Rees-Mogg making a phone call to the General Electrical Company and asking how they compared to other electrical suppliers. It then cuts to him being driven around in a Rolls Royce and depositing money into his bank account.

The future Tory MP adds: “I love money, always have done. Why? Because you need money and with money, you can make more money. If you’ve got money you can buy things ... I could buy this Rolls Royce, something like that, lovely.”

Towards the end of the clip he waxes lyrical with his praise for Thatcher by saying: “She is getting Britain out of the recession, she is cutting public sector borrowing requirement, she is reducing inflation, she is reducing unemployment.”

Other highlights include Rees-Mogg explaining that he first became interested in money after a distant cousin gave him £50, his ‘Love Maggie’ badge and him describing a recent by-election result in Glasgow as ‘disgraceful.’

The footage has been viewed more than 700,000 times on Twitter already and it’s safe to say that nearly 40 years later the only thing that has changed about Rees-Mogg is his height.

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