Jeremy Corbyn's Islington North win leaves supporters 'in tears'

Jeremy Corbyn's Islington North win leaves supporters 'in tears'
Jeremy Corbyn casts vote in 2024 General Election

Former Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn retained his seat in Islington North as an independent candidate with his supporters on social media saying the news had "tears coming to [their] eyes".

Labour won the 2024 General Election with a significant majority, winning 412 seats, Conservatives 121 and Liberal Democrats 71 with only two left to declare at the time of writing.

But Corbyn was one of a handful of independent candidates to win a seat in Parliament, retaining his seat of 40 years in his constituency.

He got 24,120 votes with Labour's Praful Nargund receiving 16,873, Green Party's Sheridan Kates 2,660, Conservative Party's Karen Harries 1,950, Reform UK's Martin Nelson 1,710, Liberal Democrats' Vikas Aggarwal 1,661 and Independent candidate Paul Gosling 32.

There was a 68 per cent voter turnout for this constituency, above the national average of 60 per cent.

And a video posted by @greenmamauk, whose name on TikTok is Jaime, of the result being announced went viral on the social media platform.


HE DID IT!!#election2024 #jeremycorbyn #islingtonnorth

"Oh my god, he's done it hasn't he? " Jaime said when Corbyn's vote count was announced.

There was an anxious wait to see how many votes Labour candidate Praful Nargund would receive - and when it was announced he got 16,873, more than 7,000 less than Corbyn, Jaime was elated.

"Yes! Ohhhh Jer-e-my Cor-byn, ohhhh Jer-e-my Cor-byn. He's f*****g done it."

Social media users in the comments said they were "emotional" that Corbyn managed to retain his seat.

One said: "Omg why are tears coming to my eyes 😅😂😂".

Another commented: "Ngl genuinely emotional after everyone saying he wouldn't manage it."

"His little face 😭😭," said another.

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