Jeremy Corbyn has hilarious response to recent ‘photobomb’ controversy

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Jeremy Corbyn

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Jeremy Corbyn has revealed he is more up to date with the latest memes and internet jokes than you might expect.

Posting on Twitter, the former leader of the Labour Party’s son, Tommy shared an image of him and his brothers being ‘photobombed’ by their father, after deputy leader Angela Rayner sparked mockery for claiming she was photobombed by Corbyn.

Rayner made the claim after she was criticised for posting with Corbyn due to his record on anti-semitism. He was suspended from the Labour party in October 2020 after he claimed complaints about anti-semitism in the party outlined by an Equalities and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) report in the party were “exaggerated” for “political reasons” and for not retracting this statement.

As such, when Jewish Newsquestioned her happy snap with the former leader, Rayner claimed she didn’t know he was going to be present at the event they were photographed at together supporting Brent North MP Barry Gardiner’s Private Members’ Bill, and that he had “photobombed” her, despite the image suggesting otherwise:

People mocked her by sharing their own deliberate photos with Corbyn, joking he had photobombed them too and now he and his sons are joining in with the banter:

And reacting to their joke, people on social media found it great:

Others tagged Angela Rayner, who has kept schtum on the matter:

Looks like Rayner will be cringing about this for a while yet.

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