Jeremy Corbyn interaction with reporter divides viewers

Jeremy Corbyn interaction with reporter divides viewers
Jeremy Corbyn refuses to answer reporter's question about his future as an …

A clip of Jeremy Corbyn interacting with a journalist has divided viewers because of his conduct.

The former leader of the Labour Party has made headlines again as the current leader, Keir Starmer formally blocked his predecessor from standing for Labour in his Islington North constituency.

In response, the divisive politician who was suspended from the party in 2020, released a statement saying he had "no intention of stopping the fight" with many taking that to mean he would run as an independent candidate.

It was these issues that Sky News' wanted to ask Corbyn about when she stopped him on the street and asked him if he was running in the seat.

But the MP, appearing grumpy, refused to answer her query and instead said "thank you very much I'm going to the demonstration against the immigration bill and I suggest you report that too."

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When the reporter said the broadcaster was covering the protest too and tried to ask him about his future plans again, he simply repeated "thank you very much" a number of times and said the reporter hadn't told him "who you are and where you are from" before walking away.

The clip of the interaction has circulated on Twitter, with many slamming Corbyn for his behaviour:

However, others said he was being polite and that the journalist should have left him alone:

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