Jeremy Corbyn said 'gay rights!' and it was iconic

Jeremy Corbyn said 'gay rights!' and it was iconic

This general election has been somewhat lacking in wholesome content, what with the all the lies, insults and disinformation.

But thankfully, a video of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is about to change all that.

In a video filmed at a Labour phone bank, Corbyn is seen saying, loudly and proudly:

Gay rights!

The video is the latest in a string of videos of LGBTQ+ allies saying “gay rights!” to camera.

Other people to have been videoed showing support in this way are Diane Abbott, Christine Baranski and Olivia Colman.

But it's clear from this video that Jeremy Corbyn threw the first (nationalised) brick at Stonewall.

Craig Stromo, a Labour supporter who filmed the video, told indy100:

I’m a Labour Party member so I’m aware of Corbyn’s relentless dedication to LGBTQ+ rights and after we had a talk and took some photos it occurred to me that he hadn’t done a “GAY RIGHTS” video meme yet.

He was really enthusiastic and wanted to get it right. He did a dead pan one and then a super enthusiastic one.

Labour’s manifesto features several LGBTQ+focused policies, including reforming the Gender Recognition Act and finally rolling out HIV prevention medication PrEP on the NHS across England.

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