James Corden gives Joe Biden a picture of Harry Styles
The Late Late Show

James Corden has given President Joe Biden an edible bouquet and a picture of Harry Styles as part of a sketch.

The moment was previewed on the Instagram page for The Late Late Show with James Corden and show’s the host in what appears to be Biden’s office at the White House.

Corden arrives with gifts for the president including a picture of himself and Harry Styles which he places on display on top of a side table.

Entering the room carrying the edible bouquet, Corden presented it to Biden and said: “Mr President. This is both a snack and a gift, so tuck in. Melon balls, little pineapple butterflies, chocolate strawberries, stuff like that.

“I'm just going to spruce the place up while you tuck in, ok.”

He then proceeded to place a framed image of himself next to Harry Styles in front of a bust of the 33rd president of the United States, Harry Truman.

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While many fans have been tickled by the video, others have questioned why the President of The United States has time to participate in TV sketches with everything going on in the country, including the cost of living crisis and the withdrawal of women’s reproductive rights.

“Is this what the president is doing while America is crushing down in human rights?” one Instagram user commented.

Another wrote: “ask him to give our rights back.”

Someone else replied: “I’m disgusted watching just this clip. Doesn’t the president have better things to do, like do something about the overturn of roe vs. wade?!? Eff this.”

One infuriated Instagrammer wrote: “Sorry, hang on, HOW DISTASTEFUL CAN YOU BE? Are you aware of current events @j_corden?

“Now is certainly not the time to be taking time away from the president and drawing attention away from important issues and onto yourself.

“And don't give me that ‘we need comedy in dark times’ crap. We don't need comedy. We need action.”

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