Joe and Jill Biden ordering the same meal has caused a huge debate

Joe and Jill Biden ordering the same meal has caused a huge debate
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As President of the United States, Joe Biden sets the tone for the American people. But after learning how Biden orders dinner alongside his wife, First Lady Jill Biden - some are encouraging others not to follow his example.

In an article for the Washington Post titled, “The Bidens ordered the same dish at a restaurant. Who does that?” food writer Emily Heil reported that the President and First Lady ordered the same meal when they dined out recently.

“A chicory salad, grilled bread and butter, and two bowls of rigatoni,” Heil wrote.

But the relatively simple meal from Red Hen in Washington DC caused an uproar online. Apparently, some people believe it is not okay to order a dish more than once when going out to dinner.

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Paul Kane tweeted, “This is a huge no-no with my dinner crew. At one restaurant there's a rush to call dibs on prime rib, because then no one else is allowed to order it.”

Steven tweeted, “Biden and his wife ordered the exact same thing at a restaurant. Every married man knows that you can’t do this, your wife orders what she wants and then your order her second choice so she can eat that also!”

But other people found no issue with the Bidens ordering the same meal, especially because the Mezzi Rigatoni is supposedly the restaurant’s signature dish.

Ben wrote, “Look. There are things I like about Joe Biden. There are things I don't like. One thing that I absolutely don't care about AT ALL is what he or Mrs. Biden order for dinner. Just let people enjoy stuff.

Henry tweeted, "Good for them the rigatoni at Red Hen BANGS."

Kyle conquered, saying, "Anyone shocked by this clearly hasn't had the ragu."

The conflicting sides of the debate caused some heated back and forth for a moment. But at the end of the day, many pointed out that there are bigger problems to worry about in the world.

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