Bercow brands Johnson 'most powerful' but 'least effective' British Prime Minster ever

John Bercow has just deployed one of his now trademark takedowns of Boris Johnson and it is pretty savage.

Bercow appeared on Sky News' The Great Debate with Trevor Phillips and he made it clear he isn't the biggest fan of the PM.

Asked whether he would send the PM a love letter or a letter of dismissal, the former speaker of the House of Commons didn't mince his words when explaining why he would choose the latter "without hesitation".

"Never has a prime minister wielded so much power, made so little effective use of it, and been and been seen to be in quite such an indecent haste to blow his own trumpet," he said.

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"I've been aware of 12 prime ministers in my life time, by a country mile Boris Johnson is the worst.

"He's a narcissist. He doesn't do the detail. He's ritually dishonest, having a nodding acquaintance with the truth at best only in a leap year.

"He's responsible for a catalogue of failures. He is the most inarticulate public speaker and prime minister I've ever known, he has no redeeming virtues, he's stayed there far too long.

"It is time that he gave up office and beetled off into the distance which would be an enormous relief not just to this country and the European continent but to the world".


Reacting to footage of the takedown which circulated on social media, people thought he had hit the nail on the head:

Meanwhile, it is not the first time Bercow has described Johnson as the worst prime minister he has known. In December last year he said the PM "stinks in the nostrils of decent people" as the Partygate scandal was unveiled.

“I’m sorry to say it but I’ve known 12 prime ministers in my lifetime and by a country mile Boris Johnson is the worst," he said in an appearance on Good Morning Britain..

Seems like in the last two months he hasn't changed his mind one bit.

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