Labour releases ad against Tories amid leadership race

Labour's latest attack advert against the Tories has brilliantly turned their own words against them, and it is going viral.

The one-minute video splices negative clips from Tory leadership debates to make the point that even the Tories don't always think they are doing a great job in office.

"All you bills, every week, every month, they're going up and up and up," Rishi Sunak says in one debate.

"Under your plans, we are predicted to have a recession," Liz Truss tells Sunak in another clip.

"People need help now," Penny Mordaunt says.

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And Kemi Badenoch - who just got booted out of the leadership contest - says: "Why should the public trust us? We haven't exactly covered ourselves in glory."

The video makes a clear point - the Tories have been in power for 12 years yet the state of the country isn't great.

As Truss says - and let's remember Truss and Sunak cancelled a leadership debate with Sky News because they couldn't stop bickering with each other and making the Tories look bad -: "If Rishi has got this great plan for growth, why haven't we seen it in his last two and half years at the Treasury?

At the time of writing, the video has got some 2.7 million views on Twitter and has been widely praised.

Looks like the Labour party don't need to do any campaigning to make the case for how bad the Tories are.

The Tories are doing it all by themselves.

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