A Brexiteer’s attempt to defend Brexit has resulted in him scoring a profound own-goal.

Posting on Twitter, Lance Forman, a salmon businessman who previously served as a Brexit Party MEP, complained about people criticising the policy, and said “Brexit is going just fine.”

He said:

So far, so fair enough. Except earlier this year, Forman said that the UK government should compensate the seafood industry for Brexit-related disruption.

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While he said problems with fishermen not getting the appropriate certification to transport goods across borders wasn’t “a problem of Brexit”, he said the “short-term issues” hadn’t occurred before Britain left the EU and called on the government to support them until things had settled down.

“It’s a problem of our bureaucracy not being ready in time and they should have been ready,” Forman told the Independent Business Network in a video interview.

“In the mean time I think that the government really has a duty to support those businesses to compensate them for the losses they might have incurred.”

Short term or not, these issues were indeed Brexit related so people were quick to point this hypocrisy out:

A bit awkward.

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