Lauren Boebert just tweeted a word that doesn’t exist

Lauren Boebert just tweeted a word that doesn’t exist

Representative Lauren Boebert (R-CO) tweeted a word that doesn’t exist in the dictionary, and people were baffled.

On Tuesday, Boebert took to her account in an attempt to insult President Joe Biden during his time campaigning for the presidency.

And in the process, she wrote out and posted bizarre new word.

“It’s almost the end of 2021, and I’ve yet to see Biden mobilize truinternatialdepressure like he promised. What’s the hold up?” She wrote.

People started checking online dictionaries as soon as they saw the word “truinternatialdepressure”, with some wondering if this is a term that the right-wing has come up with. (Surprise, it is!)

Some thought it was a legitimate typo, others saw it as a weird Boebert attempt to make a creative portmanteau.

But it seems like it was common right-wing mean and snarky bullying - and a reference to when Joe Biden, who has a stutter, stumbled over some words during a speech one time.

People filled the replies, wondering just what exactly did she mean by the statement - with some correctly guessing what it meant.

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“What exactly is this word - truinternatialdepressure? It looks like you started to type one word, attempted to delete it and write a different word, and ended up messing up what you were trying to say. Not even a word in any dictionary I know,” someone wrote.

“She’s trying to make fun of Joe when he stuttered over some words. I think it’s called being a bully,” another added.

A third wrote: “I’ll never get over people coming at anyone with a speech impediment. It’s disgusting on so many levels. Dislike him all you want, but that’s what you choose to go after? Are you 12?”

And so far, Boebert has left the tweet up, which some people were quick to take a screengrab of just in case it’s gone (she’s been known to delete tweets after pushback).

Check out other responses and reactions from people below.

Others brought up the latest mass shooting in Colorado, the state she represents, and wondered if she had anything to say about it.

This wouldn’t be the first time that someone wrote a tweet with a word that left people scratching their heads.

Back in 2017, former President Donald Trump, whom Boebert is a staunch supporter of, tweeted out a typo that took Merriam-Webster dictionary into a frenzy.

“Despite the negative press covfefe,” he wrote at the time.

The tweet remained on Trump’s account for several hours until it got deleted. Then taking matters into his own hands, he joked about it.

“Who can figure out the true meaning of ‘covfefe’??? Enjoy!”

Additionally, Trump held a “social media summit“ at the White House, with one of the highlights being displays of his tweets enlarged and printed out, including “Covfefe.”

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