Lauren Boebert labelled a hypocrite after voicing concerns over potential ‘riots’

Lauren Boebert, an outspoken Republican congresswoman, a proud supporter of Donald Trump, pro-gun activists and the QAnon conspiracy theory, is now worried that riots might break out in the United States.

Boebert, who was elected to Congress in the November US election as a representative of Colorado’s 3rd district, was apoplectic on 18th April after her Democratic colleague Maxine Waters travelled to Minnesota, ahead of the conviction of Derek Chauvin, who was found guilty of killing George Floyd by a jury on Tuesday.

In the days leading up to Chauvin’s verdict, Waters had said: “[Protestors] got to stay on the street and get more active, more confrontational. They’ve got to know that we mean business.” Her comments also come after Daunte Wright was fatally shot by police in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota on 11th April.

Although Waters’s comments did attract criticism from many, including the judge overseeing Chauvin’s trial, Boebert’s reaction was notable as she was concerned that they might invoke a riot.

On Twitter, the Republican wrote: “Why is Maxine Waters travelling to a different state trying to incite a riot? What good can come from this?”

She continued her criticism of Waters by claiming that the California representative was seeking to escalate the unrest and that she would have been expelled if she was a Republican.

However, despite her fears of a riot in Minnesota, no violence materialised after Chauvin was found guilty.

What makes Boebert’s comments so interesting was that she wasn’t too concerned about inciting a riot when it came to Donald Trump.

You won’t need reminding what happened in Washington DC on 6th January but it’s worth highlighting some of the tweets that Boebert posted in the days before that shocking event.

She frequently used words and phrases that encouraged Trump supporters to rise up and challenge the election results. Boebert even mentioned ‘1776’ – a reference to the Revolutionary War when US colonists fought for freedom against the British.

Many have since called Boebert’s attacks on Waters hypocritical.

There have been calls for an investigation to be conducted into Boebert’s encouragement of US Capital rioters in the build-up to the attempted insurrection. Calls for her to resign were also voiced after she tweeted information about Nancy Pelosi during the actual riot.

It really wouldn’t be a major American news story without a little bit of right-wing hypocrisy, would it?

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