OnlyFans star is selling her phone number to admirers for £4,000

OnlyFans star is selling her phone number to admirers for £4,000
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We know that OnlyFans creators offer followers unfettered access to their most… personal content, but now one model is willing to hand out her phone number, too.

The catch? Her digits come with a four-digit price tag, meaning her most dedicated disciples will have to shell out $5,000 (just over £4,000) for the privilege.

The Parisian 23-year-old, known only as Laurie, announced her new scheme via the messaging platform Telegram.

Posting a picture of herself, she wrote: “For the small sum of 5000 dollars anyone can then [sic] have my phone number.

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“Thanks for your votes,” she added.

This latter is a reference to a pretty jaw-dropping system Laurie has created on her website whereby followers have control over her actions.

In a brief description on the site, she states: “No, this is not a joke, from now on I have decided that I will no longer make the important decisions in my life. The one who will make them for me is you.

“Meet my fans in real life? Quit the school? Bet my entire salary at the casino? What will be the next poll? It’s in your hands!”

And so she put the fate of her contact details to her subscribers, writing in an earlier Telegram post (according to LadBible which has seen the survey): "When a boy gives will ask [for] my number, here are the options:

  1. I give him my number
  2. I give him a fake number
  3. I refuse and tell him I'm in a relationship with my fans
  4. I make him pay $5000."

And we all know which one won.

Laurie created her polling system to set her apart from other OnlyFans content creatorslauriefvr/Instagram

Laurie’s approach may seem extreme, but it has won her a place in the top 0.4 per cent of the platform’s creators, LadBiblereports.

The site interviewed the French native back in October and probed her on the secrets to her success.

She explained that she does have some guidelines in place around her extraordinary polling programme, but generally she really does hand over the reigns to her fans.

"I will not accept a poll which could put me in danger, harm someone, or be hateful," she said.

"I have no regrets, I don't know yet where this experience will lead. I'll leave it up to the fans to choose the next polls. I'm excited to see where it all goes.”

The way things are heading, she looks set to get a lot more message alerts on her mobile, and a few more zeros on her bank balance.

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