'We have to get rid of this monster' - LBC caller pleads for Boris Johnson to quit

LBC caller pleads for Boris Johnson to quit

As trust in the government falls amid the “partygate” scandal that saw prime minister Boris Johnson attending multiple illegal lockdown gatherings, one woman has reached the end of her tether.

The caller on James O’Brien’s LBC radio show reflected the contempt that many people hold this Conservative government to ask she called for the PM to resign.

Susan from Yorkshire called into the radio show, admitting she had got a bit tearful after host O’Brien listed out the ways we are no longer living in the same country we used to.

She explained: “I’ve always taken an interest in politics, and I’ve never felt like this before. It’s just a complete sham.

“And it’s not just Johnson – who I hate – but it’s all these MPs around him. Where’s the integrity? Where are these people that should be seeing right from wrong?”

“They should be speaking out. They should be sorting this country out. But they’re not, they’re just compliant.”

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The caller went on to criticise Tory MPs who have stood by the PM despite having broken the law and pointed to Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer who has set an example by promising to stand down if he receives a similar fine.

She continued: “It’s just an awful situation to be in that we have nobody of any integrity leading this country… [But] there is somebody with integrity isn’t there?

“Keir Starmer is prepared to stand down – he’s showing some integrity. But the people who are leading are not.”

The woman said: “It’s just been a slow, slow slide and we’ve come to the bottom of the pit.”

She continued, saying: “The first thing we have to do is get rid of this monster [Johnson]. He’s dragging our country down.”

Host O’Brien also discussed the ministers who are put on the television to do press interviews defending the government before the government then makes a U-turn on the claims made.

In the most recent bizarre claim made, Grant Shapps claimed Johnson wasn’t partying but was grieving his mother when he was captured raising a glass at a leaving party during lockdown in November 2020. Johnson’s mother actually died 10 months after that party in September 2021.

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