The Liz Truss book about her journey to becoming PM has had yet another name change

The Liz Truss book about her journey to becoming PM has had yet another name change

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A biography charting the political career of the now former prime minister Liz Truss has changed its name again after she became the shortest serving PM in UK political history.

The Sun’s political editor Harry Cole and The Spectator’s diary editor James Heale’s book on the politician – with the main title of Out of the Blue – was unveiled at the end of September, with a publication date set for 8 December.

Earlier that month, Ms Truss won the leadership election to become the next head of the Conservative Party and, therefore, prime minister. Her rival Rishi Sunak came second place then, but he’s actually going to be our next PM now – yes, really.

That’s because after her government’s mini-budget tanked the value of the pound, the pork markets fanatic came under increasing pressure to stand down from the top job – and she did, after serving just 44 days in office.

This, of course, caused a bit of a headache for Cole and Heale, with the latter tweeting last week that it was “back to the rewrites”.

While the main title has remained the same, its longer title has had a few tweaks over time, and it’s no longer “the inside story of Liz Truss and her astonishing rise to power”.

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Feeling like they could do with a stronger adjective than “astonishing”, it was changed to “explosive rise to power”, but now the latest front cover displayed on Amazon suggests they’ve ditched that phrasing altogether.

It now reads: “The inside story of the unexpected rise and rapid fall of Liz Truss”.

And it isn’t just title changes which the two authors are working on, as the Evening Standard has reported that a final chapter called ‘Into the Red’ has been added, while Mr Heale told Bloomberg News that “huge swathes will be the same, but now the ending will change” – along with the tenses.

For the sake of Cole and Heale’s sanity, we can only hope that nothing else happens before the December release date which prompts yet another rewrite – even when UK politics looks increasingly unpredictable.

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