'This isn't the BBC': Truss jokes with GB News host over journalistic ...

One of the things Liz Truss said about Brexit earlier this year already looks pretty ridiculous.

In January, the now Tory leadership contender said Brexit had been fine and had not led to "Armageddon" with "huge queues at Dover" but this is absolutely not true.

She told the Andrew Marr Show on BBC One: “There were all kinds of predictions of Armageddon, that we’d have huge queues at Dover, it would all be very difficult. In fact, many businesses have succeeded in undergoing those new processes, continuing their exports, we haven’t seen those predictions of Armageddon come true.”

At the time, it was called out for being a bit ridiculous given there was already evidence of queues in Dover which industry groups blamed Brexit for.

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And months on, it has just appeared even less of a credible take as these queues have become more of a regular occurrence. As recently as last month. Some Tories have tried to blame the French for the problems, but have been shut down.

Regardless of the ins and outs of how they have happened, it is clear that queues in Dover have indeed started since Brexit.

Great prediction, Liz.

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