Liz Truss calls the monarchy 'disgraceful' in resurfaced clip
ITV News

After meeting with the Queen today at her royal residence at Balmoral Castle, Liz Truss has officially been appointed the UK’s newest Prime Minister.

Photos of her audience with the Queen have been shared across social media, and so too have her former views about the monarchy in a resurfaced clip.

In the clip from 1994, Truss was a student in Leeds and was speaking to ITV News about her views. She asserted she was against the idea of a monarchy and one family ruling over the nation.

Truss said: “I’m not against any of them personally, I’m against the idea that people can be born to rule – that people, because of the family they’re born into, should be able to be the head of state of our country. I think that’s disgraceful.”

Shared on the day that Truss met the head of state to become Prime Minister, the clip has sparked discussion online.

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One person commented: “A video of a human before radicalisation.”

Another asked: “Oh Liz, what happened?”

Someone else wrote: “the only reason this is funny/interesting is cause it’s such a common trajectory for this country’s middle class lol.

“they ‘get’ left-wing beliefs at uni and maybe even wear them with pride, but once they have their own money they conveniently forget how to have a moral compass.”

But, others gave Truss the benefit of the doubt. Someone tweeted: “Imagine changing your mind on something, from when you are 19 years old & when you are 47.

“I bet no one has ever done that before!”

It’s not the first time Truss has been known to have a major shift in opinion about things. During the EU referendum, she started out as a Remain campaigner and voted that way before backing Brexit after the vote. Truss also used to be a member of the Liberal Democrat party.

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