Remembrance Sunday: Politicians and veterans sing national anthem at the Cenotaph

David Dimbleby appeared to make a dig at Britain's last prime minister Liz Truss and it was pretty funny.

The broadcaster was narrating Remembrance Sunday proceedings yesterday and took time to explain who all the politicians present were.

It is tradition for the PM and their predecessors to appear at the central London service every year - so Rishi Sunak, Liz Truss, Boris Johnson, Theresa May, David Cameron, Gordon Brown, Tony Blair and John Major all rocked up.

Narrating this merry band of politicians, Dimbleby said: "To his [Boris Johnson's] right Liz Truss, who was briefly prime minister."

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Many viewers appreciated the subtle remark about Truss's time in Number 10.

One viewer wrote: "The outright shade of David Dimbleby saying ‘there’s Liz Truss…who was briefly prime minister this year’ during the cenotaph commentary."

Another said: "Watching David Dimbleby continually throw shade at Boris Johnson and Liz Truss, has made my week."

Journalist Julia Macfarlane added: "I hear David Dimbleby has already burned Liz Truss to a crisp today and it’s not even noon."

"Briefly" is about right given Truss spent around seven weeks at the helm of Britain before her disastrous judgment and economic policies meant she was forced to resign.

In doing so she cemented her place in the history books as the UK's shortest-serving prime minister, and made way for Sunak to replace her who is also a short PM - but in a different way.

Elsewhere he also managed to accidentally call Boris Johnson, one of the most talked about figures in modern political history 'Brian Johnson.'

Savage stuff.

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