Brexiteer complains Brexit isn't going how he wanted - and gets no sympathy

Brexiteer complains Brexit isn't going how he wanted - and gets no sympathy
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A Brexit backer has moaned about Brexit and noone is sympathetic at all.

Next chief executive officer Lord Simon Wolfson told the BBC today the government should let more foreign workers into the UK to ease labour shortages.

He said: "We have got people queuing up to come to this country to pick crops that are rotting in fields, to work in warehouses that otherwise wouldn't be operable, and we're not letting them in.

"And we have to take a different approach to economically productive migration."

He said that the government needed to decide whether the UK was an open free trading nation, or whether post-Brexit it wanted to be "fortress Britain", pulling up the drawbridge to foreign workers at significant cost to the economy.

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"I think in respect of immigration, it's definitely not the Brexit that I wanted, or indeed, many of people who voted Brexit wanted," he said.

"And we have to remember, you know, we're all stuck in this Brexit argument, we have to remember that what post-Brexit Britain looks like, is not the preserve of those people that voted Brexit, it's for all of us to decide."

In 2016, he had said: “On balance, I think we will be better off out”, and that without radical change the UK was “heading for a long era of low growth”.

Of course if a turkey votes for Christmas then that is on them and they need to live with the consequences.

At least people on Twitter seemed to think so. Here's what they made of it:

We have no words.

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