Marjorie Taylor Green and Lauren Boebert looked totally lost at State of the Union

Marjorie Taylor Green and Lauren Boebert looked totally lost at State of the Union
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As Joe Biden entered the chamber to rapturous applause at this year's State of the Union address, two people looked distinctly awkward and lost: Marjorie Taylor Green and Lauren Boebert.

The fringe GOP figures appeared ill-at-ease and nervous as the president headed to the podium, and Twitter users were quick to pounce.

Molly Jong-Fast posted the video clip with the caption: "They just look slightly lost"

It was quote tweeted widely, with one person saying they appeared to have become pariahs in polite DC circles.

Others said: "They look intentionally ignored and avoided...", "Pistol packing MAGA nut jobs wonder where to look", and "Yeah, being around intelligent, unifying leaders does that."

Many people said they looked "angry" or "unhappy", while others reveled in the hope that the pair had been intentionally ignored.

They weren't the only Republicans to draw Twitter's ire: House minority leader Kevin McCarthy was seen glued to his phone through parts of the speech, in which Biden trashed Russian president Vladimir Putin, urged lower costs for life-saving drugs, and promised to strengthen the economy and cut inflation.

A few people wondered whether he had an iMessage conversation in progress to Mar-A-Lago, and was taking instructions from the former president.

One person raged: "Kevin McCarthy messing around on his cell phone during President Biden's State of the Union really grinds my gears. Disgustingly rude and disrespectful."

Another added: "A young boy at The State of The Union Address has more manners & respect than the adult Kevin McCarthy sitting playing on his phone. Zero respect for Biden."

A third furiously added: "Kevin McCarthy doing what he does best during the State of the Union...playing with his phone. And we pay him with OUR tax dollars for this. As a teacher, he would get in trouble in my class for not paying attention."

Perhaps he'd have been happier at home playing one of these creative State of the Union drinking games.

One person didn't have to attend, of course: the designated survivor sits out the whole event. The flip-side? They immediately become president if disaster hits the Capitol.

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