State of the Union drinking games left everyone at home drunk

Biden set to deliver State of Union address as war rages in ...

Tuesday night saw Joe Biden's hotly anticipated State of the Union address - where he set out the current condition of the nation, his achievements, his priorities, and spoke about troubling events abroad.

But for those who aren't political obsessives, it was an event that needed some livening up to make it through.

Enter: drinking games.

The rules for all State of of the Union drinking games are simple - you get your hands on some alcohol, pledge to drink some whenever a specific phrase is uttered, and then - and this is optional - try to see how much you remembered from the president's address afterwards.

You could have chosen wine, beer, liquor - whatever really.

But we fear for those who chose the hard stuff - because chugging whiskey every time Biden uttered one of his go-to phrases would have gotten messy, fast.

One viewer wrote afterwards: "If you’re playing the SOTU drinking game, you’re flat-out drunk by now. I hope you washed your toilet seats and bowls. I hope you have paramedics on speed dial."

Another offered their "thoughts and prayers" to anyone playing along at home, while another said: "Started a drinking game...every time POTUS says 'folks' I take a shot...needless to say I am now at level covfefe."

There were various versions of the drinking game online.

  • Drinkinggame.us suggested one drink every time words like coronavirus or taxes are mentioned.
  • Our Community Now urged people to take one sip every time they feel the applause has gone on way too long.

But perhaps our favorite was Ramp Capital's offering:

1 drink every time Joe Biden says:

“Build Back Better”



or coughs

2 drinks every time he says:

“Here’s the deal”



3 drinks whenever he says:


“Cmon man!”

“January 6th”

And finally you had to finish your drink if he does that weird condescending whisper of his.

Heavy.com took a different approach, with some options for drinking games focused on the audience at the Capitol. The rules included:

  • Take a sip if Bernie doesn’t clap or stand up at any point, or if he looks bored.
  • Take a sip if Bernie does something that turns into a meme.
  • Take a sip if Pelosi does something that turns into a meme.
  • Take a sip if Harris does something that turns into a meme.
  • Take a sip if Pelosi or Harris reads something while Biden talks or seems to not be paying attention.
  • Take a sip if a Republican refuses to stand up or clap while everyone else is.
  • Take a shot if someone heckles Biden or yells at him during his speech.
  • Take a sip if the camera pans to your Congressional representative.
  • Take a sip if the camera pans to someone and you have no idea who they are.
Whichever game you chose - we suspect you'll be in no fit state to go to work on Wednesday.

Good luck!

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