The 6 weirdest moments from Matt Hancock's Good Morning Britain interview

The 6 weirdest moments from Matt Hancock's Good Morning Britain interview
Matt Hancock says he broke lockdown rules because 'I'm only human'

Having not been on our TV screens for all of two minutes, Matt Hancock clamoured his way back in front of our weary eyes and appeared on Good Morning Britain today to talk about himself again.

Despite having his career and conduct picked apart for over a year after going on I'm A Celebrity..., writing a book, going on a podcast... the list goes on, the former health secretary and now irrelevant independent backbencher clearly is not as sick of the sound of his voice as we are.

So, for a treat, he subjected us to his usual hand-wringing and mea culpa routine again.

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It started with a creepy entrance which was reminiscent of that scene with the twins in The Shining.

And then the interview started and the walk-out soon became the last of Hancock's problems.

Asked for the millionth time about his infamous breach of lockdown guidance, he defended his actions saying: "I'm only human".

An unimpressed Susanna Reid replied that "the whole country's only human" but complied with the rules. In response, Hancock mumbled about asking for "forgiveness".

"We all have our frailties and I fell in love," he despaired.

"It doesn't feel like I got away with it," he added after Reid spoke about people who paid fines or faced other police action during the pandemic.

Hancock was also pressed on his controversial I'm A Celeb appearance. At the time the politician appeared on the show, he said he would donate his fee to charity but he ended up only donating 3 per cent of his whopping £320,000 fee - that's £10,000 for those of you not good at maths.

Speaking about this, Hancock said: "I did absolutely give some of the money to charity," and defended the "decent sum".

He said the money wasn't the main reason he went on the show. "The primary reason [he went on the show] is because I developed over the pandemic, over lockdown, and over my resignation, I ended up a very public figure and I felt that what the public knew about me was through a particular lens.

He also criticised Piers Morgan, accusing the former GMB presenter of "shouting monologues at me for 20 minutes" during interviews when he was on the Tory front bench.

"It was totally ridiculous," he added.

Reid took issue with this and defended her former colleague. "Well once again it's called being held to account," she retorted.

And after the tense exchange, Hancock doubled-down on his assertion he went on TV for the right (hmm) reasons. "I didn't primarily do it for the money I primarily did it to try to show who I really am," he repeated.

Whatever happened to raising awareness about dyslexia?

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