Matthew McConaughey mocks anti-maskers: ‘I’m not believing you’re really scared’

Matthew McConaughey mocks anti-maskers: ‘I’m not believing you’re really scared’

Matthew McConaughey addressed whatever’s left of the anti-masking community in a radio interview on Thursday, referring to what he called the “damn dispute over the masks that got politicized.”

“I’m not believing you’re really scared of this little cotton thing,” he told OZY CEO Carlos Watson on Watson’s radio show. “I don’t really feel that takes away your identity and your freedom.”

He added that when it comes to mask-wearing during the Covid-19 pandemic, there’s “no data that says it’s not a good thing.”

“We have got to make some sacrifices for larger rewards tomorrow,” the actor said.

McConaughey has been a vocal supporter of practical measures against the spread of Covid-19, especially while mask-wearing went ignored in several parts of his home state of Texas. In April of 2020, he shared a video on Instagram instructing followers how to make a mask out of a bandana.

The decision to be so openly pro-mask wasn’t a light one, it turns out. McConaughey has already said he’s exploring a run for governor of the Lone Star state, despite zero political experience, and the “politicized” nature of the mask argument would put him starkly left if he jumped in. 

But in the radio show interview, he admitted he’s still deciding whether or not the highest office in a state is the best way for him to reach the “immediate results” he’s looking for.

“I’m interested in building something that can last, and I’m measuring what category that is,” he told Watson. “I don’t know if that’s politics.”

Still, even if the decision to push through his signature laidback persona to hit the rough life of the campaign trail, as of now, is up in the air, the actor isn’t worried about making a wrong move.

“I trust my core beliefs enough and my values enough to feel comfortable listening to and opposing,” he concluded.

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