Tory MP Fabricant claims 'many nurses and teachers' also broke law

Conservative party member, Michael Fabricant, came to Prime Minister Boris Johnson's defense today by comparing his Partygate incident to a drink that "teachers or nurses" would have in a "staff room" after a "very long shift."

In an interview with the BBC, Fabricant explained that while he thinks Johnson has "got to apologize" he also believes the Prime Minister did not have ill intention in attending the gathering of people that has led to the fine.

On one occasion the Prime Minister attended a drinks party in the Downing Street garden which he believed was a work event.

However, the comparison Fabricant used to equate Johnson's actions to was a bit peculiar.

"I don't think that at any time he thought he was breaking the law," Fabricant said. "I think at the time, he thought, like many teachers or nurses who after a very very long shift would tend to go back to the staff room to have a quiet drink, which is more or less what he has done."

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The BBC reporter pressed Fabricant on his statement, asking to further explain the nurses and teachers who drink after a shift.

"Well I do know of some who did, you know it's quite natural," Fabricant said. The Parliament member clarified that he did not believe the nurses or teachers were having a party.

"I know nurses, and I don't think they were doing anything wrong, they work really hard on a long shift and go back to the staff room and have a drink," Fabricant added.

Viewers took issue with Fabricant's statements and clarified that no nurse or teacher would be allowed to drink in a staff room.

As of now, the confirmed gathering Johnson attended, for which he received a fine, was a birthday party thrown for him not - drinks with colleagues

However, Fabricant did not comment on the birthday party saying, "I don't know much of the birthday party to which you talked about, I wasn't invited."

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