Is Michael Fabricant's hair real?

Is Michael Fabricant's hair real?
Tory MP Michael Fabricant claims 'many nurses and teachers' also broke law

A Tory MP has sparked a different type of political debate – surrounding his hair. Michael Fabricant's shaggy blonde locks have drawn the attention of people across the world, who pose the very same question: is it real?

Americans have even quizzed whether his trademark hairstyle is the norm for Brits or whether he dons the locks as a nod to Boris Johnson.

As hilarious as that would have been, that's not the case.

Fabricant has continuously denied sporting a wig, tellingThe Daily Mirror in 2014 that "there is some — but only some — enhancement of the follicular area.”

The conservative later defended his hair in 2019 when he hit back at a colleague who was caught pointing out his hair during PMQs. Fabricant told the BBC: "Huw is pretty short-sighted, he's a relatively new member of Parliament - bless - he didn't know that PMQs is actually televised.

"And I'm sure if he did, he would have behaved in a more grown-up way."

He also reiterated "my hair is me" during his appearance on Celebrity First Dates when a woman asked him to "get rid of [the wig]".

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The 71-year-old British politician has served as the MP for Lichfield in Staffordshire for almost 30 years. He often keeps his personal life away from the media. However, in a rare 2021 interview on GB News, Fabricant opened up about his sexuality and previous use of cannabis.

He told former Labour MP Gloria De Piero that he "smoked the odd spliff" during university and while he was in New York, adding that " gin and tonic has the same effect on me."

"I've never gone in for the chemicals," he explained. "Cocaine is not my particular thing, but I do remember when I first became an MP, the whips all thought I was so lively that, apparently, they thought I was on drugs.

"They were so pompous and refined at the time. I'm going to assure viewers that I'm not on drugs."

Speaking about his sexuality, Fabricant said, "people do assume that I'm gay."

"'I'm not gay - I'm bisexual if you've got to define these things," he clarified, adding: "Sexually, I was far more active with women than I ever have been with blokes, if I'm honest, but I won't go into detail."

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