Michael Gove denies being 'a snake'

A holidaymaker who found herself in the same 30-hour airport delay as Michael Gove confronted the MP over problems she claims were ‘caused by Brexit’.

Former Labour councillor Candida Jones was caught up in queues with the former Secretary of State for Levelling Up when travelling back from Greece to Gatwick airport.

Jones claimed the delays were ‘compounded’ by Britain’s withdrawal from the EU in a confrontation with prominent Brexiteer Gove.

She posted a picture of Gove standing at the Athens International Airport while he was waiting for a separate flight.

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Jones tweeted: “Almost 30hr delay to our easyJet flight now.

“I’m told the problem’s a lack of staff due to the pandemic compounded, in the case of the UK, by #Brexit. So it’s at least some consolation to find arch Brexiteer (Michael Gove) caught up in the same sh**show #BrexitChaos #BrexitShambles.”

Speaking to The Mirror, Jones revealed that she had spoken with Gove for 15 minutes after confronting him in the queue.

He insisted that Brexit was not behind the delays and she described him as being ‘polite but very passive-aggressive’.

When asked about the benefits of leaving the EU, he replied by claiming that the Covid-19 vaccine rollout and agricultural reforms were both ‘opportunities’ made possible by Brexit.

Jones told the publication: “I said ‘come on, this is just ridiculous. There’s nothing about being an EU member that in any way impeded us from doing the vaccine rollout sooner’.”

“I said ‘you are a smart guy, and know what you are telling me is not true, and you have got to stop treating the British people as if we’re stupid.’”

Gove allegedly then claimed that he was on holiday and didn’t believe the airport queue was the right place for the debate to take place.

The MP has been out of the limelight since being sacked by Boris Johnson in July.

Recently he was asked if he thought he was a 'snake' during an interview with the BBC's Chris Mason, and he wasn't quite sure how to respond.

Laughing as he responded, Gove said: "I've been called all sorts of things in my political life, but no, I'm just a regular guy."

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