Boris Johnson sacks Michael Gove and vows to stay in No 10 ...
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Boris Johnson faced a new government dilemma on Wednesday when he was hit with over 50 resignations from Tory MPs.

The prime minister dramatically sacked Cabinet rival Michael Gove and continues to reject calls to step down. Gove was thought to have told Johnson that it was time for him to quit.

No 10 sources confirmed Gove had been sacked, with one telling the BBC: “You cannot have a snake who is not with you on any of the big arguments who then gleefully briefs the press that he has called for the leader to go.

“You cannot operate like that.”

But, in what has been called "the most British reaction ever", social media's attention has been turned to the moment BBC News announced Gove's sacking.

"Sorry – ah, sorry. I'm just being told in my ear that the prime minister has fired Michael Gove," the BBC host said.

"Michael Gove was not at prime minister's questions this afternoon, and it was rumoured that he was going to quit."

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"I am here for @BBCRosAtkins’ slightly raised eyebrows and looking mildly perplexed," one said, while another joked: "Hello BAFTA."

A second highlighted the show's 'resignation counter' in the corner, calling it "the funniest thing anyone has ever done."

While a third humoured: "Imagine how much it must suck to be the one guy who managed to get fired on the day when over 30 people quit."

Johnson’s relationship with Gove has long been troubled, with the PM’s leadership campaign in 2016 derailed when his rival withdrew support and decided to run himself.

But it was not only Gove who sought to persuade Johnson that his time in No 10 should end.

Home Secretary Priti Patel, Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps, Northern Ireland Secretary Brandon Lewis and Welsh Secretary Simon Hart were among the Cabinet ministers telling Johnson to stand down.

Johnson rejected suggestions he should seek a “more dignified exit” and will instead fight for his political future.

A No 10 source said: “The Prime Minister has a mandate from 14 million people to get a job done. He’s very conscious of his commitment to them

“If the party wants to stop him they have to take that mandate away.”

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