Nadine Dorries has now written a book about Boris Johnson

Nadine Dorries has now written a book about Boris Johnson
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Nadine Dorries has immortalised her love of Boris Johnson in print.

The former culture minister and ally of the former prime minister has written a book about Johnson, focussing on how he lost power and fell from grace a year ago.

It is even called The Plot: The Political Assassination of Boris Johnson, which sounds pretty dramatic.

The blurb reads: “Boris Johnson came to power in 2019 with a larger share of the popular vote than Tony Blair. Rewriting the political map of the UK, he united a party and shattered Labour’s fabled red wall. And yet, just three years later, he was ousted by the same MPs who had greeted his leadership so rapturously. What had gone so wrong?

“The Plot is the seismic, untold story of how the most charismatic politician of his generation was driven from office. With unparalleled access, Nadine Dorries speaks to dozens of inside sources ranging from Cabinet ministers to the lowliest spads [special advisers], civil servants and party officials and through their testimony she pieces together a profoundly shocking story of powerful, unaccountable forces operating behind the scenes who became the architects of a prime minister’s downfall.”

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Dorries said: “When I started this book, I had no idea of the journey I was embarking on. But the more people I talked to in the heart of Westminster, the deeper the story unfolded.

“If you thought that power flowed from the people into parliament, be prepared to think again.”

Dorries has consistently stood up for Johnson, from defending him in TV interviews and slamming Rishi Sunak for resigning from his government and getting the ball rolling for Johnson's resignation, to interviewing him on her TalkTV show.

She is also no stranger to writing, however her previous books have all been fiction, with some pretty saucy scenes which we very much hope will not be present in the Plot.

Reacting to the news, people mocked Dorries for her obsession with Johnson, and also suggested she should be doing constituency work given she is still an MP, rather than write a book.

Dorries just won't stop defending Johnson...

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