Nadine Dorries condemned for 'dangerous' retweet suggesting that Rishi Sunak is a backstabber

Nadine Dorries condemned for 'dangerous' retweet suggesting that Rishi Sunak is a backstabber
MP Greg Hands says Nadine Dorries' retweet of Sunak as ‘backstabber’ is ...
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Tory MP and minister for culture Nadine Dorries has been heavily criticised after she shared a meme of Rishi Sunak attempting to assassinate Boris Johnson.

The photoshopped image appears to be a recreation of the assassination of the Roman emperor Julius Caesar in 44 BC. Dorries, who at the time of writing has not removed the retweet, appears to have got it from a pro-Boris Johnson Twitter account which is now supporting Liz Truss for leader.


Dorries's support of the beleaguered prime minister right up until he resigned earlier this month is well documented and she has now shifted her support to Sunak's opponent in the leadership race, Liz Truss.

Just this week she criticised Sunak for wearing Prada shoes during a visit to Teeside and praised Truss for apparently wearing Claire's Accessories earrings.

In response, Truss said: "I don't have any issue with how expensive anybody else's clothes are. I don't know how she knows where I got my earrings to be perfectly frank about it."

Now the latest chapter in the spat between Dorries and Sunak has brought condemnation for the culture secretary for appearing to promote violence, especially following the deaths of politicians David Amess and Jo Cox, who were both stabbed by members of the public.

Her fellow minister Greg Hands appeared on Sky News on Sunday morning and called the tweet "very, very bad taste" and "dangerous even."

Indy100 has contacted Dorries for comment

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