Now Nadine Dorries is suggesting Boris Johnson could return

Nadine Dorries refuses to rule out possibility of Boris Johnson comeback

The Tories are in turmoil, with Liz Truss taking flack on all sides following the disastrous mini-budget and Nadine Dorries thinks there’s only one MP who can help them.

That MP? Boris Johnson.

Dorries, who has long been one of the most staunch Johnson loyalists in Westminster, commented on the situation the Conservative party finds itself in.

“There is no unity candidate. No one has enough support,” she wrote.

“Only one MP has a mandate from party members and from the British public - a mandate with an 80 seat majority. @BorisJohnson.”

Dorries added: “The choices are simple - back Liz, if not bring back Boris or face a GE within weeks.”

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Dorries has long been a defender of Johnson, but the MP seems to have been confusing people with her comments over recent days.

In the leadership race to determine the next Conservative party leader and Prime Minister, Dorries backed the now PM Truss to take the helm. But, not long after Truss took office, Dorries appeared to call for a general election.

Dorries has been bigging Johnson up, againGetty images

Just days later, she appeared on Laura Kuenssberg’s BBC show and it looked like she’d massively changed her tune, saying that a general election now would likely decimate that party.

“I'm still one of Liz's biggest supporters but you have to put that into the context that we are 30 points behind Labour in the polls and if there was a general election tomorrow that would probably mean complete wipeout for the Conservative Party,” Dorries said.

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