Nadine Dorries’ hot take on the Dominic Cummings drama massively backfires

Nadine Dorries’ hot take on the Dominic Cummings drama massively backfires

One of the Conservative party’s most typo-prone ministers has put her foot in it in the most spectacular way while attempting to criticise Dominic Cummings.

In case you have been living under a rock, Cummings gave explosive evidence to a parliamentary committee yesterday about the government’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic and made a number of shocking allegations.

Since then, Conservative ministers and MPs have fallen over themselves to defend the government’s record, claiming their handling of the crisis has been impeccable and that they have been too busy “saving lives” – in the words of Matt Hancock – to pay attention to Cummings’ claims.

Dorries has been no different, except well, she was so eager to praise her Tory friends she clicked send on this tweet before giving it a once over and scored a complete own goal:

Whoops. Unsurprisingly the Twitter community – upholding good grammar and syntax – were unforgiving of her slip and proceeded to lambast her:

She even garnered the attention of a couple of broadcasters:

As for Cummings, he doesn’t think he is that clever. While giving evidence, he frequently expressed shock at having being so powerful in government and said he tried to recruit people cleverer than him to make his role redundant.

And in case you needed further reason as to why Dorries should lock herself out of Twitter and throw away her password, allow us to remind you of a time earlier this month when Dorries embarked on a spot of campaigning for her party in the Hartlepool by-election. What did she do wrong? She claimed that Boris Johnson had created 180,000 jobs in the region despite it having a population closer to 94,000.

She also spelled Hartlepool incorrectly and failed to mention the high rates of unemployment in Hartlepool, triggering a social media pile on. Oops.

Nadine, it’s not too late to delete this, bestie.

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