People are falling for a fake Nadine Dorries tweet about the cost of living crisis

People are falling for a fake Nadine Dorries tweet about the cost of living crisis
Nadine Dorries says the only way Boris would lose her support is ...

People are falling for a fake tweet 'from' Nadine Dorries about the cost of living crisis.

The tweet, which has been circulating on social media since yesterday claims Dorries criticised people for complaining about "rising demand for food banks" and said "food doesn't grow on trees".

“I am fed up of the loony left moaning about the rising demand for food banks," it read. "Every family needs to live within their means. Food doesn’t grow on trees!”.

But fact checkers at Full Fact have confirmed the tweet in question is fake.

A spokesperson for the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport told them: “We can confirm that tweet is a fake, it has never been sent by Nadine Dorries.”

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The fact checkers continued: "There are other signs that suggest the tweet isn’t genuine. There’s no sign of it on Ms Dorries’ Twitter feed, and no trace of it on a site that tracks MP’s deleted tweets."

They also noted the account that appeared to first post it was responsible for another instance of fake Brexit news.

It is just another sign that people need to be careful about the information they share and see on social media. Having said that, we can't completely blame people for being caught out by this tweet. After all, Dorries has previously posted some very bizarre takes indeed...

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