Whenever there is a Brexit-related problem, you can bet that a resurfaced quote shall appear of a Brexiteer saying the exact thing that is currently happening will never happen.

Amid the ongoing food shortages due to the post-Brexit supply chain, this is no different after a video of Nigel Farage is currently making rounds online where he insists the chance of this happening is “utter tosh.”

In a 2019 interview on ITV’s Peston, Robert Peston mentions the government’s Yellowhammer report on the “worst-case scenarios” for a no-deal Brexit which included “foods running out, medicines running out, chaos for British people living on the continent.”

Peston asks Farage: “Why on Earth would people vote for that?”

To which Farage responded: “I’ve never seen such utter tosh in my entire life. Unlike these civil servants sitting in Whitehall, I spent 20 years in international trade, buying and selling goods and shipping them all over the world.”

Except, Farage would be incorrect to call this “utter tosh” as even with a Brexit deal, this worst-case scenario is now the reality after industry leaders have warned food shortages “could cancel Christmas” and continue in 2022, according to The Independent.

Indy100 previously reported on how chicken chain Nando’s was forced to close some of their restaurants after running out of chicken due to delivery problems.

Other companies affected include Greggs, Co-op supermarket, Iceland, McDonald's, KFC and many more.

Now the two-year-old clip is being re-shared online as people comment on the irony of Farage’s comments.

The Royal Haulage Association estimates a shortfall of 100,000 lorry drivers, partially due over to 20,000 heavy goods vehicle (HGV) drivers from the EU who left during Brexit.

Now the RHA want the government to consider a temporary visa scheme to allow European HGV drivers to come back to the UK and make it easier for former British lorry drivers to return to the roads.

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