#Partygate: a simple guide to help you know whether you're at a party or not

‘Focus on Ukraine crisis not partygate’, Johnson tells Starmer

Boris Johnson is well and truly up the creek without a paddle (and that's putting it lightly) amid an investigation into the Partygate gatherings where the prime minister and the government broke Covid lockdown restrictions.

While the wait continues for the Sue Gray report to see the light of day, what we already know is that in response to the series of damning photographs, emails and various allegations from different sources, the PM claimed he doesn't have a scooby whether gatherings he attended were parties or not.

Johnson made an apology to the House of Commons earlier this month where he admitted that he was at the event in May 2020 but said that he “believed implicitly that this was a work event.”

This is despite the event in question being a "bring your own booze" invitation emailed out to 100 people by Johnson's principal private secretary, ITV reported.


So, it seems like a lesson refresher is needed to avoid any future confusion (or political scandal for that matter).

Like the PM, are you unsure as to whether your gathering is a party or not?

Well, the party experts at Ginger Ray, are here to help with their simple checklist so you can be sure to avoid #partygate and not get caught out like Boris, Sue Gray's got enough on her plate at the moment.

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The party planning business also created this quick and helpful guide to avoid any confusion on what exactly a party is.

Ginger Ray

Jess Martin, a party planning expert at Ginger Ray also shared her top tips for spotting an event that is more than a gathering (so keep your eyes peeled for these):

  • Look out for candles

“Whilst no party is complete without cake, there is always room for a sweet treat with a brew.

“We’d suggest keeping an eye out for candles on a cake as they’re a sure sign you’re at a gathering that is more than just afternoon tea.”

  • Listen out for people singing

“If the guests at the gathering are singing happy birthday to you or anyone else in close proximity with or without the cake, be warned, it is highly likely that you are at a party.”

  • Is the room filled with balloons and decorations?

“It’s always wise to check out your surroundings when deciding whether you are at a party or not.

“If there are any balloons or other decorations to make the venue seem more colourful and exciting, the chances are you’re at a party.”

  • Is music being played?

“Lastly, listen out for some music.

“Most parties will have a dedicated soundtrack to set the mood, it doesn’t have to be a disco, it could just be some chilled out tunes to accompany some wine and cheese in the garden however having a playlist on the speakers where there is a group of people is indicative of a party 95% of the time.”

If only the PM had this guide earlier...

If you’re thinking of hosting your own party or gathering, check out Ginger Ray’s full range of party decorations here: https://www.gingerray.co.uk/party

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